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    Teeth Whitening


    s long as you stick to dentist-approved methods, whitening your teeth is considered safe. Make sure to use the method that fits your needs and always follow the directions for the product, but which option is best for you? Treatments involve at home products to in-office whitening methods.

    For the safest and most effective at-home teeth whitening method, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) recommends you use custom-fitted trays supplied by your dentist. Ill-fitting teeth whitening trays can cause the gel to ooze out and irritate your gums. The American Dental Association (ADA) has also said that hydrogen peroxide whiteners are safe and effective. Look for the ADA seal of approval. You'll find it on whitening toothpastes and teeth bleaching products that have been found safe and effective in independent tests. In-office whitening offers the best results since a prescription strength of product can be used with a barrier on your gums.

    Sometimes, your teeth may become more sensitive following teeth whitening, and it may irritate your gums. You may experience this on your first or second treatment, but this typically diminishes with time or with spacing treatments further apart. Always contact your dentist if you experience any side effects.

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